Small Parcel Audits to Automate Cost Recovery for Late Packages and Carrier Billing Mistakes.

Reduce FedEx®, UPS®, Purolator® and DHL® Costs by Up to 20%…

Invoices from FedEx®, UPS®, and other major carriers often include charges for packages that were either delivered late or include surcharges your company shouldn’t be paying for.

The problem is, these parcel shipping refunds often go unclaimed because organizations don’t always have the resources to track every confirm every package and every fee. There’s just not enough time analyze every line item on hundreds of invoices.

And to make matters worse, your company is under the gun to claim those credits because the carrier gives you a very small window to make those claims … or the money is lost.

By automating carrier invoice audits, you don’t have to worry about money being left on the table.

MTC provides the technology to track, validate, and reverse shipping charges that shouldn’t have been on your shipping invoices in the first place. And with rates rising once again this year, MTC gives you an easy way to recover this lost revenue.

To find out how it works or see for yourself without any cost or obligation, go ahead and contact us below to try our audit services FREE for 30 days.